The Simplicity of Wellness

I’ve spent many hours agonizing over all of the ways I’m not healthy enough. Didn’t make a digestion-friendly green juice smoothie this morning? Failure. Abandoned my meticulously planned daily workout regimen to walk my dogs? Slob.


Since when did wellness get so freaking complicated and time-consuming? Why do I have to track every step, workout, and bite of food to be healthy? Like, really - why?

The truth is, health doesn’t have to be complicated and time-consuming. But wellness is big business these days. And the more magazines, websites, and companies can convince you that you need to buy the latest trending health products, the more money they make.

And if you’re into all of that stuff, if it works for you, that’s great. But if it just scares you away from a path of wellness, dismiss it from your mind.

Wellness can but doesn’t have to be 7-ingredient green juices and slug serum face masks. It doesn’t have to be workouts based around your target heart rate zone. It doesn’t have to be a super-restricted diet.

Wellness can be simple.

Now, I’m not ignoring the fact that illness, disorders, and chronic conditions do make health more challenging for many of us. My intent here is not to prescribe anything to anyone or to reject the realities that many of us live with. I each a restricted diet due to a digestive disorder, and it makes my life so much easier to live.

My intent is to challenge the trend of wellness as business, wellness as privilege. Access to a healthy life is a right that belongs to all of us. Seeking wellness shouldn’t feel intimidating.

If you’re feeling stuck because of trendy wellness propaganda, I invite you to consider these simple steps onto the path to health:

  • Down a glass of water before you drink your first cup of coffee. Water is really good for you. It’s not as sexy as kombucha or collagen-infused matcha, but it’s accessible, and your body needs it. Drink some.

  • Move your body. Walk, run, bike, swim, yoga, dance, simple stretches, whatever. If it feels overwhelming to start, don’t pressure yourself to take a 3-mile run. Just consider your current activity level and take it up one notch.

  • Sleep. Also really good for you. If it doesn’t feel accessible, I’ve been there. Check out this post for some ways to make sleep happen for you.

  • Think about the things you put in your body. When I say this, I don’t mean that you need to Whole30 it up. Just actually think about the things you eat and drink. Why are you reaching for that food? Why did you choose that beverage? No shame with any of the answers. Just know why you select the nutrients you do. And maybe throw an extra vegetable in there today.

None of these strategies are new or earth-shattering; they’re tried and true wisdom that was around long before smoothie bowl pics on Instagram. When I start feeling shame about my lack of health or compare myself to others, these are what I go back to.

What are the ways you make wellness simple?

Looking for more simple wellness? Check out my post on The 5 Most Basic Self-Care Strategies.

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