My Home Yoga Setup

My Home Yoga Setup via

My Home Yoga Setup via

My yoga space is my favorite spot in the house. It’s where I come to practice, relax, and take quiet moments to myself.

Despite its importance, my yoga area is not a large space or even an entire room. It takes up part of one of our guest bedrooms, and it’s easy to tuck away if we have visitors.

Here are the essentials I have in my home yoga setup, including the yoga tools I use and extras, like my meditation altar.

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My Home Yoga Setup

My Mat

I’ve been using Gaiam’s yoga mats for years. They’re far less expensive than many other companies, and I’ve found them to be comfortable and long-lasting. They come in an array of colors, designs, and thicknesses. I’m all about the 6mm-thick mats because I think they provide the perfect amount of padding without getting in the way of my practice.


I always keep my yoga blocks nearby for assistance in new poses or just to bring the floor a little closer to my hands. I currently use Manduka’s cork yoga blocks because I like the extra support they provide. However, they are kind of heavy. If you’d prefer foam blocks, Amazon Basics carries a high-quality yet inexpensive set of blocks that I use in my classes.


I use a yoga strap to increase my flexibility, especially in my legs and shoulders. I also use it to help me practice poses involving flexibility that I can’t quite make it to yet, like King Dancer. I love Manduka’s Align yoga strap because it’s sturdy and also very long (8 feet!) making it versatile for many different poses.

Meditation Altar


Meditation has been part of my yoga practice for the last three years, and it has transformed not only my practice but also my life. I have a meditation altar in my yoga space to help me focus during meditation. I’ve found that having objects that remind me of my values help me to stay more grounded and settled while I meditate.

To keep it small and simple, I use a gold mirrored tray similar to this one as the base for my meditation altar. On the altar, I have candles, which help me set a contemplative mood for both yoga and meditation. I have a zen bear statue that just makes me feel happy. And I’ve included a few crystals whose characteristics I’m looking to cultivate in myself: rose quartz, clear quartz, a selenite wand, and amethyst.

I also love using the Moon Deck as a part of my self-inquiry (svadyaya) practice. Every card is beautifully illustrated and includes a mantra or affirmation to repeat to yourself. Each card also has a number that corresponds with a ritual in the included booklet.

Those items make up my cozy, relaxing home yoga area. What do you have in your yoga space?

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