Home Lately 1.27.19

I continue to love our home more and more with each season we spend in it.


Our house has felt so cozy throughout the winter and holiday season. We finally took down our Christmas tree this weekend and deep-cleaned our first floor. Having two puppies takes up a lot of time, and our dining room and kitchen have become magnets for clutter.

Having clean spaces feels so. much. better. and I’m glad that we took the time to tidy and clean this weekend. I’m extra grateful to Jason for keeping me accountable here because my deepest desire on the weekends is just to veg on the couch.


As far as the puppies go, Juno and Radley are absolutely wonderful. They are the happiest and most exuberant dogs. It’s hard to ever feel sad or lonely at our house because they’re always up to play or snuggle. They’ve also been fully house-trained for a few weeks, and that is a huge relief. I appreciate being able to trust them to be out of my eyesight for more than five seconds!


I had wrist surgery earlier this month to remove a cyst, and I was pretty worried about how it would impact my yoga practice. But I’ve actually been practicing more, maybe just because I was anxious about losing it. The surgery and recovery have pushed me to think more creatively about sequencing, both for myself and my yoga students, and I’m enjoying coming up with transitions that I may not have considered otherwise.


Besides that, our wedding gets closer each day. Just about four months now! Sometimes I feel stressed about how much there is left to do, but I try to remind myself that most of the planning is already finished. Aaaaand I pushed myself to ask Jason for help this week, and I’m so glad that I did. He has always been more than willing to split the planning, but I have been a little overly protective of my “vision”. I’m excited to see what our collaborative planning produces!

I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Leave me a little update on you in the comments. Thanks for stopping by.

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