DIY Natural Facial Serum

DIY Natural Facial Serum via

DIY Natural Facial Serum via

Until a couple of years ago, I had no idea what a facial serum was. But when I heard about their benefits, I immediately added one into my skin care rotation.

Facial serums are meant to be applied between cleansing and moisturizing to allow your skin to derive as many of its benefits as possible, from clearing up acne to preventing wrinkles to reducing the appearance of dark spots.

When I started using a serum, I noticed that my skin seemed more glowy, if that’s a word. While many of my other skin care products were meant to take things away from or off of my skin, serum added to it. It was like food for my face, and my skin thanked me for it.

But guys, serums are so, so expensive, which is one reason that I make my own.

I’ve been using this recipe for about three years, and I love it. It smells great and isn’t heavy. And it has only three ingredients!

Almond oil is great for sensitive skin and reduces acne. Rosehip oil removes redness, boosts collagen production, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And ylang ylang oil soothes skin irritation and has a relaxing scent.

I’m sharing it here with amounts to fill a 4 oz jar. In the past, I’ve reused a glass vanilla extract jar to cut down on waste (reduce, reuse, recycle). More recently, I’ve been using this glass jar with a dropper to better control how much serum I use. I linked to the products I use, just in case you need them!

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Facial Serum Recipe

Using a funnel, add all of these to your jar. Shake the jar to mix the ingredients thoroughly. Rub a dime-sized drop between your hands and slather the serum all over your face after you wash it and before you moisturize it. You can also apply the serum after washing your face in the evening so that your skin has all night to absorb it as you sleep.

I hope you love this serum recipe! Add any questions or comments below!

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