All The Transitions


June 2018 may go down as the craziest, most full-to-bursting month of Jason and my lives.

Here are some highlights:

  • I finished up six years at STRIVE!

  • I graduated from yoga teacher training.

  • Jason was hired for a job in KC.

  • We got engaged!

  • Many friends traveled to the mountains of Colorado to witness our engagement and celebrate with us.

  • We packed up our stuff into a 12-foot truck.

  • We moved to Kansas City!

  • We started house hunting.

  • We began wedding planning.

  • We put an offer on a beautiful home!

Whew. I'm pretty sure that's it. It was an exhilarating but exhausting month, and there were moments where serious anxiety crept in. Almost every part of our lives is experiencing an overhaul, and there have been many days when an undercurrent of anxiety lay just beneath everything I did.

In times like these, when everything feels up in the air, I've found that it's comforting for me to ground down in the practices that remind me of who I am and what my goals are. Yoga, meditation, running, long walks, and honest conversations with Jason have been a godsend over the past month.

Finding time for at least one of these things each day quells my anxiety and reminds me of why we've chosen all of this upheaval: we love each other, and our vision for our life together has led us to Kansas City. 

When I ground down in those truths, all of this craziness seems worth it.

Are you going through any big transitions right now? What practices help you feel grounded in times of upheaval?

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